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The Lack of True Information – Christian Burned Alive in Nepal


In 2006, the newspaper Daily Mail, has published an article on a thief burned alive in Nepal. [1] He was not burnt to death, although, was tied up on a cross, stripped off and set on fire by the villagers whom take theirs summary of justice by making use of their own hands. In the event there was a priest as shown on the picture above.  And after the incident, sharers through social media have shown this picture as the man been crucified for religious matters. If not strong religious beliefs, explain the fact of someone else be set on fire as punishment. However, the same issue was raised again when Nepal appealed for help after the recent earthquake.

Then, on the 25th of April 2015, Nepal suffered a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It was a disastrous happening and around 8 thousand people were dead and over 15 thousand homelessness. Their rural crops were extremely affected and damaged by avalanches with the impact of the earthquake. The entire world is appealing for support, medical staff and donations. Those who still have a shelter, are still sleeping in the streets fearing the terrific consequences of the regular aftershocks. The (Disasters Emergency Committee) DEC members alongside their partners are working in order to get the basic needs for the population as clean water, food and blankets, so later they will be able to approach those communities and support them with a possible rebuilding of life.Considering the support needed by the Nepalese population nowadays, within all the consequences left from the earthquake, and the global appeal in regards supportive actions. How strong and dangerous is the effect of a tagged unreliable news/message of a man burned for preaching christianity.

The spread of the social media networking showing the heading ‘Christian Burned Alive in Nepal for Preaching God’ can possibly changed christians intention of donating any sum for the earthquake disaster? Even if the picture shown is from 9 years ago, it was raised once again, refreshing readers’ mind the way of the nepalese justice.

The affect of a possible black propaganda, saying that a man was burnt for preaching God, rather than been  punished for stealing, became a reason for many christians to possibly ignore Nepal’s need  or refuse to help towards a population in need after an environmental disaster. It is interesting the fact that different beliefs and religions, changes the population mentality of helping. Nepal has had occasions where people are accused and burnt for witchcrafts and yet, sources coming from reliable media, as The Telegraph reported. [2] Which empowers the strength of an information towards an anti-christian community possible.

The impact is seen through Facebook, newspapers and daily media sources of communication. Contributors are neglecting help by simple arguing that Nepalese do not deserve anyone’s else help for their hindu cruelty and misery. By all means, burn for theft or religion should not be accepted.

At the time of the break news of Nepal earthquake on the 25th of April 2015, readers have raised once again those happenings and their indignity for a country where mercy is not considered. For an instance, the truth beyond the man action of stealing, could have been taken under consideration, starvation or poverty which consequently could have driven him to steal. But then, there is no excuses for burning a human for beliefs or religion. Another event happened in 2013, when a husband simply burned his pregnant wife [3]. This beliefs of torture as a way of problem solving, encourages new generations to behave in the same way, denying others a chance of freedom of speech decent living.

An overall critic, it is the strength of a distorted propaganda. Readers, most of the time, react and understand as the heading of an article says so and therefore create its own conclusions.  It is extremely important to avoid false information, by committing your reading towards reliable sources of information in order to gather an efficient understanding.


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2 thoughts on “The Lack of True Information – Christian Burned Alive in Nepal

  1. ellipeh on said:

    This was a very interesting blog entry, I liked how you linked a current event with what we have learned this year. However it was hard for me to follow your thought in some parts of the entry, I would recommend you to go over it again and improve the grammar in order to make your entry more flowing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Luis Castro on said:

    The event happened in Quito, Ecuador!


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