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United Kingdom possible withdraw from the European Union!

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Early in 2013, the British Prime Minister Mr David Cameron, a stronger conservative has said that if elected in 2015, he and the conservative party are hardly considering the possibility of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union. A union that has started with EEC (European Economic Community) it is now, fearing the possibility of losing a member.

Back in the years, there has not been a state that has ever withdraw from the European Union. In 1962, Algeria has left upon its independence, which has no longer been part of France, and then Greenland, in 1985, that has been voted to leave by EEC, the EU predecessor.

David Cameron, British Prime Minister has been promising to the British people and government an In/Out referendum. Such an issue has been raised since 2010, when the public opinion has been evaluated getting 41% of remaining or not and 18% of undecided, considering that the British interests would be better protected if renegotiating its place in the EU.

Ms Angela Merkel, German chancellor, has expressed her first acknowledgement in a meeting in Brussels as UK reaching a ‘point of no return’. At the same time, Mr Cameron has considered a possible renegotiation  about his main concern of immigration. And to ban/deport those imigrants unemployed and that are living under and/or abusing the benefit system and are unable to support themselves/their families after a certain period of time. Again Ms Merkel, has said that UK is looking to impose limits judging only ‘their own interests’ and not undertaking the union main principles which is freedom of movement, and therefore, she would clearly not fear an UK withdrawn.

Now and then, speculations come around whether Mr Cameron it is maybe looking into being like Americans, competing with a single market, with the Chinese and others and ensuring that Britain will always come first in a sense of increasing its population higher-skilled knowledge and not paying for these low income countries workers to fled to UK to claim benefits seeing by him as ‘unqualified right’(see here). Is he trying to change EU’s rules? Possibly, and not really disagreeing, I would strongly believe that, if paying more taxes, instead of being just unemployed and claiming benefits, these countries would not ‘force’ Mr Cameron to encourage the government of a withdrawn from the EU.

At the same time, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said that ‘we are nothing if we are not an open, vibrant economy’. and might not see a successful future for UK outside of EU. Whether the Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, insists that the union is not working for UK and standing here, unhappily pretending that nothing is happening and here and there spending more than its monthly/yearly income to cover costs it is not working. He believes probably in a ‘reformed union’, and I believe that it is what UK needs, a reform to avoid tax payers to support those who are keen to live an easy life on us.

Home Secretary Theresa May describes the conservatives action more likely to be a ‘comment’ rather than a promise. and the Former Conservative Minister Greg Barkertold the BBC’s Daily Politics (see here) that judges Mr Cameron desire to bring down the immigration by tons next year would be ‘incredibly challenging’, although still the party main aim.


PS: I have created a personal blog account by mistake when I first register. So, these are the dates and posts I have done so far. I do apologise for the inconvenience.


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One thought on “United Kingdom possible withdraw from the European Union!

  1. This was an interested read, I liked reading about the different opinions on the matter. However I missed reading some analysis of possible outcomes, only brief assessments of what it would mean for the EU and for the UK if it acutually left. In my opinion, that would make the blog even more interesting.


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